DBA Exam (70-462)

I’ve decided against doing the upgrade exams (70-457 and 70-458) and am now going to do the three standard SQL Server 2012 exams (70-461, 70-462 and 70-463). As mentioned in a previous post 457 is made up of 461 and the first half of 462, and 458 is made up of 463 and the second half of 462. As I’ve been working through the 462 exam guide I began to realise there would be a lot for me to learn in the 458 exam with it consisting of quite a few topics not well known to me, i.e. SSAS and DBA stuff.

I’m on the last section of the 462 exam guide (Implement High Availability) which consists of mirroring, replication and AlwaysOn.

I’ve booked the 462 exam for 28th Aug and then it’s on to 461 a I think I should be able to do this one a bit quicker than 462.