Using $PARTITION to find the last time an event occured

In a previous post I showed how you can use the $PARTITION system function to force your query to only look at one or more partitions and today I have a semi-practical example of how to use this.

We have a very big table that holds all our financial transactions along with an integer indicating what type of transaction it is.  I wanted to find out when the last time we recorded a certain transaction type as I think it might have been removed quite some time ago.

This could obviously been done as follows:

FROM dbo.MyTable T (NOLOCK)
WHERE T.TransTypeId = X

and depending on how your table is structured and indexes this may be the best way to do it.

Our table is partitioned by month on our date column so I can use $PARTITION to search each partition, starting with the most recent, and search for the last date TransTypeID = X was used.  When I find a value we can stop.  This can be done as follows:

DECLARE @Counter INT = 200 -- this should be the maximum partition ID on our table

WHILE @Counter > 0

  RAISERROR('%d', 0,1,@Counter) WITH NOWAIT;

  SELECT @MaxDate = MAX(T.MyDate)
  FROM dbo.MyTable T
  WHERE T.TransTypeId = X
  AND $partition.PF_MyTable(MyDate) = @Counter

    SELECT @MaxDate, @Counter

  SET @Counter -= 1;


If TransTypeID X has occurred recently then this code won’t need to loop through many partitions but if it last occurred in partition 1 then this is probably going to be much slower.  It all depends on how your table is set up but I think it’s always nice to have multiple ways to potentially speed up a query.