Partitioning Series

I’ve now written a few different posts about various parts of partitioning so thought I would put them all together here in a single series.

  1. Introduction to Partitioning – this post covers how to set up a table with multiple partitions using a partition scheme and function and briefly touches on partition elimination to help reduce the amount of data being read in a query.
  2. More Partitioning – this covers partition elimination in more detail and includes tips to make sure the optimiser knows it can eliminate certain partitions. It also covers the $PARTITION function.
  3. Using $PARTITION to find the last time an event occured – this post demonstrates a real life scenario where I’ve been able to use the $PARTITION function to speed up a query.
  4. 70-761 Exam Prep: Miscellaneous T-SQL – Part 1 – section 3 of this post covers truncating partitions which is new functionality available in SQL Server 2016.
  5. Modifying Partitions – this post shows how to add and remove partitions from an existing partition function.

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