Back in the habit

It’s been a while since I last blogged anything and this has mainly been down to a change of jobs. I spent the first few months trying to understanding the pretty big and quite complicated system at my new place and got out of the habit of blogging. So the purpose of this post is just to get back to it and there’s nothing much of any use here for anyone looking for any technical tips.

Since I started my new job I’ve had to learn a bit more about service broker,  change tracking, change data capture and partitioning which are used extensively in our existing system. I’m hoping to write a few posts about a few things I’ve found since using these parts of SQL Server.

I’ve also started looking at the data warehousing 2012 exam (70-463) and am currently going through the guide book so might post a few bits about my learning there.

I recently attended sqlbits in London and will put a few bits about that in when I get chance, at least some links to the blogs of some of the people I saw. Bob Ward’s short memory session on the Friday morning was a highlight for me.

While at sqlbits I attended a session titled “7 databases in 70 minutes” the idea of which arose from the book “7 databases in 7 weeks” which I own but have not yet read. Off the back of this I had another look at the MongoDB website and found they’ve just released version 3.0 and are running more of their free online courses. I’ve signed up for both the DBA and .Net developer courses and we’re currently in week 3 of the 7 week course (100% grade so far on my homework for both courses – been a while since I looked at any c# code). There is still time to register if anyone wants to learn more about MongoDB and I’m hoping to blog a few things around the DBA side of things including data storage and performance. They have a new storage engine named Wired Tiger that is available in version 3.0 and this looks to have a few advantages over their existing MMAP engine including document level locking. More on that at some point soon.